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Which Type Of Offers Convert Best With Your Traffic?
Our traffic isn't a good fit for every offer online. To start, before ordering from us, make sure you are in the correct niche. We only send traffic to those that are promoting 'business opportunities'. 

Our services are not for those that are promoting weight loss,dating, seo or anything else that's outside the scope of starting an online business.

Here's a quick glimpse of the companies that we regularly promote. 

What Makes Our Solo Ad Traffic The Best In The Industry?
" Words Of Honor From 7 Figure Multiple Time JVZOO and Warrior + Top 10 Best Seller Mark Barrett "
Mark Barrett
Top Seller On Warrior Plus and JVZOO
Baxter has some sick traffic. Delivered me 5k clicks in record time and huge over delivery as well. And conversions. Wowza!! 

Don't hesitate buy everything he has 
"Words Of Honor From 7 Figure World Renowned Internet Marketer and Speaker - Devon Brown"
Devon Brown
Founder of Success Renegade.
"Not too long ago Jeff hit me up to promote one of his products. Now, as you can imagine, somebody who has been marketing online for years and has literally tens of thousands of followers, I get hit up all the time from a bunch of different people to promote their stuff. My instant answer was YES, ABSOLUTELY! Why?  Because I Know that when I tell my students, clients and people who trust my expertise to invest in Jeff Baxter, they are going to be taken care of. 

If you're looking to invest with Jeff on anything that he's offering DO IT!"
"Words Of Honor From 10+ Year Internet Marketer and Linkedin Expert- John Lagoudakis"
John Lagoudakis
"I've done business with Jeff for many years. When it comes to my shortlist of RESPECTABLE, real-world Internet marketers (in a world of phonies and crazies) Jeff is on that list."
"Words Of Honor and Traffic Results From 10+ Year and 7 Figure Internet Marketer Reed Floren"
Reed Floren
I bought a 300 click solo ad and here are my results: 
372 clicks (72 extra) 144 optins 39% conversion rate!
I’d recommend buying a solo ad from Jeff Baxter!!
"Words Of Honor and Traffic Results From 6 Figure Internet Marketer and Developer Brian Abrams.."
Brian Abrams
"Cha Ching!" That's the subject of the email you receive when you make a commission. How do I know this? Because I've had 3 of them today. 100 Clicks Delivered So Far, 47% Optin Rate and 3 Sales @ $67...."
" Need A Surge Of Real Human Beings Seeing Your Offers From Blasts Like This?
" Tired Of Risking Your Hard Earned Money Buying Traffic From People With No Credentials Or Real Products To Their Name??"

One of the biggest reasons people lose confidence in solo ads is for this one fact..


Here's an example scenario:

We're going to call our seller "Ron" and the buyer "Susie"

Susie: Ooh look I can get hundreds of clicks from Ron for literally pennies on the dollar. I'm going to buy!

Ron: Hysterically laughs as the order comes through and murmurs under his breath "another sucker".

Ron: Grabs Susie's link that she wants promoted and ques it into his robot that acts as a "real human" by subscribing to Susie's lists with "scraped emails".

Susie: Wow! I received over 500 optins from 1,000 visitors. Nobody bought, but they will probably buy later once they go through the followup. I'm going to buy more!

Ron: Repeats the process to Susie and hundreds of others..

A few orders and a few thousand dollars later, Susie gives up completely on solo ads and although it's a customer lost for Ron, a sucker is born every minute and his new "client" is on the way to make up for her...

Believe it or not, this is what's happening now as a lot of scammers have infiltrated the industry and enticing innocent entrepreneurs like yourself with their super cheap prices and fast delivery of clicks that don't really exist...

Solo ads work BUT..

You need real traffic that comes from a REAL mailing list and that's exactly what you get here at RealBuyerClicks.Com

Every lead that comes into our funnel is hand-picked,fresh and comes from the best sources on the web.

While most solo ad sellers have lists that are built only from buying other solo ads which diminishes the quality, we have MULTIPLE top notch strategies to get a surge of buyers every single day..

Another big issue that we're noticing in the solo ad community is the rise of sellers that don't have any type of online presence. 

If you visit their Facebook profile, there's absolutely no sign of it being real, just a bunch of screenshots showing the traffic they sold and stock photos used for their profile picture..

Kinda strange, but I'll get to that in a moment.

You can see that I'm a real human being by taking a glance at my Facebook Profile Here

You can also see that I actually have an online presence by checking out My Blog HERE

Ok enough about me, back to these shady sellers..

The amount of "iffy" profiles that are now popping up for individuals trying to sell "their" traffic is ridiculous!

Here's an example scenario of what's going on..
Mr. Ron is a solo ad vendor who sells traffic using an automatic bot on his computer instead of sending REAL clicks from a REAL mailing list and makes good money doing so..

Mr. Ron wants to take his scam to the next level and decides to duplicate himself by creating fake social media accounts using stolen pictures of cute girls for his profile picture..

Ron's new name is Shu Shu Ding and he grew some nice sized breasts over night..

Shu Shu begins to add as many people to "her" friends list and join as many solo ad groups as possible to promote "her traffic"..

She becomes a reputable "seller"  because of her high optin rate from people who don't know any better about the robot optins and of course who also don't know that Shu Shu actually is a 50 year old couch potato...MAN!

Mr. Ron creates 5 or more of these profiles and tricks people into thinking that they are individual sellers when in actuality he is the only one behind the entire operation..

Pretty jacked up right?

Believe it or not, these are the type of things that are happening in the industry which is why it's super important to buy from credible individuals with a solid pedigree.

Since 2008 I've helped hundreds of individuals start their own full-time online business and for me, Integrity is everything!
"What Makes Your Traffic So Special That I Should Buy From You?"
You're probably wondering what makes our traffic so "special" so let me explain..

I'm a big believer in getting the FRESHEST leads possible...

While it's no secret that a lot of people don't have the results they desire with solo ads because of the fact that they are unknowingly buying fake traffic, another reason, is that the leads they get are stale!

Most solo ad sellers only know how to make money by buying and selling other solos which means that the same leads are being tossed around from list to list.

We eat, live and breathe traffic generation and always testing out different sources to see where we can find the best leads possible..

Ya know, the subscribers that aren't on hundreds of other mailing lists?

What makes our traffic so special is the fact that you'll be getting quality leads that have huge buying potential!

"Here's What You WILL NOT Get Here At RealBuyerClicks.Com"
Fake Robot Clicks and Subscribers
A Long Turn-Around Time On Your Orders
Stale Non-Responsive Subscribers
"Here's What You WILL Get Here At RealBuyerClicks.Com"
REAL Traffic That Comes From REAL Mailing Lists Built With REAL Methods
Responsive and FRESH Buyer Ready Bizopp/Internet Marketing Leads!
A Turnaround Time Of No Longer Than 5 Days For Any Given Order
"Ok Jeff, I'm Ready To Get REAL Qualified Visitors To My Site! How Do I Get Started"
So you're ready to flood your offer/s with real targeted bizopp/Internet Marketing leads! 

Get started by choosing one of the packages that best suits you below..
Featherweight Tester ($1.10 per click)
100 Clicks
100 Unique Clicks
  • Minimum 80% Tier 1 Countries
  • Fast Turnaround (Within 24-72 Hours)
  • Fresh, Responsive,Buyer Ready Traffic
  • 100% Bizopp/Internet Marketing Niche Leads
  • Only 1.10 Per Click
  • Today's Total: $110
Welterweight 0.95 per click)
500 Clicks
500 Unique Clicks
  • Minimum 80% Tier 1 Countries
  • Fast Turnaround (Within 24-72 Hours)
  • Fresh, Responsive,Buyer Ready Traffic
  • 100% Bizopp/Internet Marketing Niche Leads
  • Only 0.95 Per Click
  • Today's Total: $475
 ($1.00 per click)
300 Clicks
300 Unique Clicks
  • Minimum 80% Tier 1 Countries
  • Fast Turnaround (Within 24-72 Hours)
  • Fresh, Responsive,Buyer Ready Traffic
  • 100% Bizopp/Internet Marketing Niche Leads
  • Only 1.00 Per Click
  • Today's Total: $300.00
Middleweight 0.90 per click)
1,000 Clicks
1,000 Unique Clicks
  • Minimum 80% Tier 1 Countries
  • Fast Turnaround (Within 24-72 Hours)
  • Fresh, Responsive,Buyer Ready Traffic
  • 100% Bizopp/Internet Marketing Niche Leads
  • Only 0.90 Per Click
  • Today's Total: $900
light Heavyweight 0.85 per click)
5,000 Clicks
5,000 Unique Clicks
  • Minimum 80% Tier 1 Countries
  • Fast Turnaround (Within 3- 5 Days)
  • Fresh, Responsive,Buyer Ready Traffic
  • 100% Bizopp/Internet Marketing Niche Leads
  • Only 0.85 Per Click
  • Today's Total: $4,250
Heavyweight 0.79 per click)
8,000 Clicks
8,000 Unique Clicks
  • Minimum 80% Tier 1 Countries
  • Fast Turnaround (Within 5 days)
  • Fresh, Responsive,Buyer Ready Traffic
  • 100% Bizopp/Internet Marketing Niche Leads
  • Only 0.79 Per Click
  • Today's Total: $6,320
Letter From Jeff
Are You Sick and Tired Of Low Quality Traffic That Doesn't Convert?
Here at RealBuyerClicks.Com we take pride in making sure that you get nothing but the BEST!

We literally spend thousands of dollars every single month either testing out new traffic sources or buying from those that are already on our proven list to bring RESPONSIVE, BUYER READY subscribers..

The leads we bring in and nurture are the leads we send your way who are ready to buy what you have to offer..

Say goodbye to building your subscriber base the old and outdated way of passing leads around that are tired and broke. Get REAL BUYERS Today!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is it ok for me to send traffic straight to a sales page?
A. You can have us send traffic wherever you'd like BUT your goal should be to always build your list so that you can promote to your leads over and over again. Our best advice is to have the traffic going to a "squeeze/optin page" and then you can promote your offers on the back-end.

Q. Is the traffic that you guys send 100% buyers?
A. The lists we send to have a handful of subscribers that have made purchases, but not 100% buyers. Although, these subscribers have a better likelihood of buying considering the quality and are the same leads that we promote offers to and crush it on a DAILY BASIS.  With a solid funnel in place, you should see GREAT RESULTS!

Q. Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
A. No. Honestly, if you're asking that question, you are way too green when it comes to marketing and probably shouldn't purchase. This is more on the "service" side of things and our job is to deliver top quality traffic to you in which we'll do. Your job is to make sure that you monetize the leads by promoting offers. Inquiring about refunds shows a lack of confidence in your marketing efforts, which means you shouldn't buy to save both of us the headache.

Q. How long is the turnaround time?
A. 1-5 Days at most.

Q. How are your leads generated?
A. We build our lists using a variety of methods that allows us to get FRESH QUALITY LEADS DAILY that ensure you get nothing but the best.
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